Jen Henderson, CEO at TiLT
Implemented The HOW-TO™ Model to raise ~$19M

“Be ready to be excellent, because that’s what she’ll make you.”

Dechra Pharmaceuticals, Masterclass Participant

“Sitting 1-on-1 with Cindy … she’s like instant brilliance. I wish we had her for a 3rd day.

10 out of 10.”

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Heidi Burch, Technical Fellow at DuPont

Cindy’s scientific communications training so exceeded my expectations! We brought her in for what was a superb 2-day Masterclass to work with our Emerging Technologies team – 80 in total. We learned so much about how to craft and deliver our messages succinctly and with executive presence.

I cannot recommend Cindy and her team strongly enough–they worked with us to shape the training to meet our requests and needs. Working with them was a FABULOUS experience!

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Rob H., Design Engineer

“Cindy did an excellent job crafting a tailored training session for our team. She struck a great balance of lecture, discussion, and audience engagement while covering a wide range of communication topics and challenges.”

Sylvester K., Chief Scientific Officer

I recently had the opportunity to watch Cindy’s training videos on presentation skills and was thoroughly impressed with her expertise and engaging teaching style. Her framework for organizing presentations and tips on creating appealing slides with a strong message were particularly useful and I couldn’t stop watching her videos.

Cindy’s training videos are truly engaging and full of valuable insights. Her ability to keep me captivated and wanting more speaks to her strong teaching skills.

I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills. She is a brilliant coach and it was an incredible experience to learn from her videos.

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Magdi Amin, Managing Partner, African Renaissance Partners VC

I’ve done a lot of jobs in my life, but never had to raise millions from investors. Before I worked with Cindy I was focused on getting my story out. After her advice I was focused on listening for cues, building alignment and helping both sides get to yes with confidence.

I’ve chosen a tough fight, raising a fund focused on the Horn of Africa, but I believe it is the right fight and having Cindy in my corner makes all the difference. I hope we can continue to work together in the future, and I’m others will benefit from her as I have.

Mark Bregman, General Partner

I worked with Cindy to polish the pitch for my venture fund. She helped sharpen the story and improve my delivery. With her help, I was able to tighten the focus while increasing the engagement of my audience. As a result, I was able to engage more potential investors and clearly convey my message. Working with Cindy was both fun and productive.

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Cynthia Chioma Nwaubani, CEO

I had the pleasure of working with Cindy on a presentation to a large audience of 500+. Cindy masterfully helped me organize my thoughts with her HOW-TO™ Model. She helped me create a framework that enabled me to communicate with authenticity and impact. I am so grateful for her help. She’s such an inspiration, and I look forward to working with her on more projects.

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Peter Adams, Managing Partner

Cindy Skalicky is unique among many pitch coaches that I have known over the years. Her approach is systematic, but not dogmatic. She helps presenters to communicate from their own authentic selves which creates a powerful message. Cindy has mentored founders at Rockies Venture Club for over five years as a Certified Pitch Academy Trainer and has gotten 100% positive feedback from companies seeking venture capital funding. Cindy’s On Point materials and process are valuable in more than just venture capital pitches – she teaches clarity and effectiveness in communication which can be applied in any corporate or enterprise setting.

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Melissa Christensen, Vice President, Public Relations

Cindy has been such a blessing to me. Cindy helped me recognize the small (but important) things that were holding me back in my executive presence. Her coaching was meaningful and I looked forward to our calls each week. I use the tools I learned from her all day every day. I am more aware of how I am perceived and how to better control the way I am perceived. This is an invaluable gift and I attribute much of my newfound success to Cindy. Thank you, Cindy!

Mamokete Ramathe, Founder & CEO

Cindy has a unique way of delivering a compelling message using storytelling. The amount of “AHA” moments I had during coaching sessions kept me going even long after we completed our sessions. She is truly amazing and her work has transformed the way I approach presentations and deliver my message.

Megan Gross, Project Manager

I’ve worked with Cindy 5 times now to help lab researchers with their presentation skills and storytelling ability for our entrepreneurial workshop. Prior to bringing Cindy in, the teams’ messaging was generally technical and clunky.

After the On Point scientific messaging workshop, nearly every team’s presentation had a noticeably better cadence and storyline. We keep bringing Cindy back to every cohort because her workshop is an invaluable part of our course!

Nancy Kepner, Principal

I feel fortunate and a little surprised that Cindy is located in Ft Collins and not New York or San Francisco – she brings the level of talent I would expect from a top firm in an international city. Working with Cindy has been one of the best investments we’ve made.

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Tanis Roeder, NSA President

“As a professional speaker, I know the value of getting feedback before giving an important speech. As I prepared my TEDx talk, Cindy was the perfect person to give me outside perspective. She did a beautiful job taking the many ideas I had floating around in my head and helping me select what to use, how to organize them, and how to tie it all together.

I love the way she coached, not trying to make her words my own, but instead, considering what I was trying to achieve and helping me stay true to my voice. If you have to stand and deliver a great talk, working with Cindy can help you ensure you’re at your best!”

Tanis Roeder, CSP - Elevate Your Communication | LinkedIn