“10 out of 10”

Cindy Skalicky is an internationally recognized expert in Rhetorical Theory, Executive Presence and Storytelling. Thrice published at Forbes.com and named “arguably America’s top expert in evaluating persuasion effectiveness,” Cindy specializes in addressing leaders in global innovation to help them communicate complex ideas with more confidence, command, and clarity. As a woman-led business and mother of four, Cindy has spoken at numerous women’s conferences where she has ranked a top speaker.

A masterful storyteller on stage, Cindy’s focus is on enabling leaders to confidently present in any setting, blending their message’s substance with engaging delivery. Her drilled-down, tailored approach to audience psychology ensures her clients’ messages are impactful and memorable.

Using her proven methodology, Cindy works at the molecular level with audiences, helping them “stick the landing” with audiences. She has spoken to large audiences for Tech Stars events, Investor Relations Summits, to global audiences at TiE Women, VC Lab, Women’s Franchise Network, CHIEF and more.

Her clients include Google, DuPont, Microsoft, Lenovo, AEM, Arthur Gallagher, National Renewable Energies Lab (NREL), YPO, Rockies Venture Club, Innosphere Ventures, and many more. She has worked with teams on 6 continents across the globe.

Cindy is also the author of the forthcoming book that features her HOW-TO™ Model. Together, Cindy and her husband Aaron own 3 businesses and are raising 4 children ages 14-20.

“Excellent. What a great presence!”

“Cindy is knowledgeable, approachable, engaging and fun.”

“Cindy is one of the best in her field.”

“Cindy was voted one of the best speakers at a multi-day event.”

“You can’t help but feel engaged and pay attention. Cindy is clearly an outstanding communication professional.”

“The way Cindy took the stage and conveyed her message was mesmerizing.”

How On Point Work With Teams

Don’t settle for “ho-hum” presentations. Give your people the skill set you expect them to have – and one they need so they can keep innovating with brilliance.

If teams can’t communicate brilliant ideas with clarity, ideas end up on “the drawing room floor” with the sawdust. That halts the engine of economic development you’re working to advance.

The time to rev your engine is now.