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persuasive pitches that inspire audiences to action so you can get the
investments, partnerships and next step discussions you seek.

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These 5 Modules Will Map Your Path to Message Mastery.

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Module 1

We begin by introducing a centuries-old theory that will teach you what it means to try to persuade your audience to do something, believe something, or take action.

Module 2

You'll learn the "HOW-TO" model itself; a step-by-step road map to success for your pitch deck. Proper slide order and content is our goal. We get at heart, we get at head. And of course, "The Ask."

Module 3

We focus on crafting a savvy slide deck so that it looks professional and polished. You'll learn about image use, how to use the 'animate' feature, word limits, and so much more!

Module 4

This is where you learn to master the "How to Rehearse Without Rehearsing" technique. We address issues such as nervousness, memorization, and more.

Module 5

Finally, we focus on the Q&A session. You'll learn tips on how to answer with confidence and strategies to ensure you're maintaining your credibility all the way to the end.

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