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(1) 4-part course
(2) 40-minute Workshop
(professional Recording)

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Who Should Take This Course?
If you are an early-stage founder who wants to learn “one chapter at a time,” this course is for you. The 4-part course consists of four videos (each averaging 15 minutes) and 1 page of homework per segment.

Upon Completion – What You’ll Walk Out With:
By the end of the course you will have developed:

  • A well-organized pitch deck that follows industry guidelines on text per slide, images, slide builds/animations, and more
  • A firm understanding of the role ‘story’ plays in your pitch and tips on finding the right story for you.
  • Knowledge of our proven “Investor Pitch as Story” model will pave the way for every future pitch deck you create for investors.
  • Solid do’s and don’ts for how to Nail the delivery, including proven rehearsal techniques.

How is the Course Structured?

  • Elements of Persuasion – The Rhetorical Triangle
  • Investor Pitch as Story – The Model Founders Use to “Nail It!”
  • How to Build a Killer Slide Deck – Less of It, More of You
  • Nailing the Delivery – How to “Wow” Investors and Partners
  • [**Coming Soon** – Mastering Your Q & A Session]

Course Price: $399.00

Want to get started now? Send an email to info@onpoint-communications.com with the subject: “I’m Ready to Nail It!” We will discuss a start date that works to you and I’ll answer any questions.

(40-min professional-grade video)

Who Should Choose This Option?
If you’re a founder who has pitched 5-10 times with a decent pitch deck – but you know (or have ben told) it needs work, this workshop video is for you. You are likely somewhat to very comfortable in front of groups and know the investor pitch environment, but you haven’t learned Investor Pitch as Story. This model moves you, your pitch, and your company into a new category of founders – the one that gets the attention -(and dollars) of investors.

Upon Completion – What You’ll Walk Out With: 

  • A firm understanding of Rhetorical Theory and How to Apply it
  • The Model: Investor Pitch as Story (you’ll also get the related slides you see presented)
  • Tips on Cleaning Up Your Slide Deck
  • Proven Rehearsal Techniques so You Nail the Pitch AND the Q & A Session

Workshop Price: $299.00

Want to get started now? Send an email to info@onpoint-communications.com with the subject: “I’m Ready to Nail It!” We will discuss a start date that works to you and I’ll answer any questions.


“Cindy, I’m in your Career Thought Leaders Conference session right now and you’re absolutely delivering on what you promised when we first met! I’m so excited to keep making progress in developing my brand story.”

Mashaal Ahmed|DC Career Coach

You are a wonderful presenter Cindy! I have taken so much from your presentation at the conference. I noticed when you speak, you at times lowered your volume in a way where we still heard you, but it PULLED the audience in, as if you were confiding in us.

Your vocal variety was lovely, (as well as your content, of course!). The advice to gather your stories from your past and weave them into your presentations is spot on.

Julie Roberts, Linked In profile writer|Coach

“Last year, I reached out to Cindy to help me with a sales deck I use frequently. I learned how to personalize my presentation in an authentic and informative way, making it more interesting to deliver and for my audience to observe!  Cindy was professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable and her suggestions were spot on.  If you want to enhance your communication skills, gain confidence in speaking, and improve overall delivery, I definitely recommend working with On Point!”

Nicole Steed, Global Account Manager | Helms Briscoe

“The On Point ‘Investor Pitch as Story’ online course was a great fit because of my heavy travel schedule. It gave me flexibility as a student to learn and connect with Cindy as necessary. The videos and homework helped me to prepare strong, compelling presentations for potential customers (coaches, directors, school districts) and becoming investor ready.”

Justin Fleming | CEO at MyPerforma

Tim Ash, Agent at The Group Real Estate