[On] Point to Ponder: The “I Nailed It!” Blog Series

I recently finished Steven King’s masterpiece, The Green Mile. He did an interesting experiment when writing it – releasing it as 6 “novelettes,” one at a time. After all 6 parts were in circulation, he sold it as a box set.

Reading it became an unexpectedly fun experience at my house; my daughter got started on it first. She was halfway through book 3 before I started. I flew through books 1 and 2, staying just a book behind for about a week. Then my husband started book 1. Much to her dismay, while Elizabeth was at an overnight, I passed her up. I finished the whole series (and received a “mad face” emoji from her as a result). She finished a few days later, and my husband is nearing the end now.

The point is, it was fun to read it together in this way, and different than anything I’d done before. No hogging one big book. Instead we’d ask each other, “where are you now?” and “could you believe it when Percy did that to the mouse?” We talked about it. Interacted. Peppered the living room with novelettes. We read it separately, but together.

I’m no Stephen King, but I took this approach and wrote a blog series on public speaking tips. But how to deliver it as a “set?” Each post can be found on my blog, sure, but it’s a bit of a pain to search for them all and get the full picture. So I’m going “Stephen King style” to publish 3 related posts in one place, right here.

My regular posts are titled “[On] Point to Ponder.” Along those lines, this and future blog series are titled [On] Points to Ponder.” This one is The “How to Nail It” Blog Series. Read it one blog at a time. Or all three from start to finish. Share it with colleagues, employees, others on your team (if you speak on or as a team). See who finishes first.

  1. “When You’re The Speaker
  2. “Bring Your Audience Aboard”
  3. “Building The Message

This series takes the most common feedback I provide to speakers on how to improve. More than anything, read and apply.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what your specialty or expertise is, what your product does. It all starts with the Speaker-Audience-Message triangle. And although context and content may differ between speakers, I provide a lot of the same tips to all of them. So review, absorb, and take them with you.

Stay tuned! More [On] Points to Ponder Blog Series are coming. How to achieve “Rock Star” delivery. Core Values and why they matter. Mastering non-verbal communication. How to practice, rehearse and visualize.

Until then, I welcome your feedback on Series #1, The “I Nailed It!” Blog Series (a feeling which, incidentally, is the #1 On Point Core Value. But more on that later…)

Cindy Skalicky is an expert public speaking coach, brand consultant and the owner of On Point Communications, LLC. She coaches speakers on storytelling techniques, speech writing, delivery, and overall content development. Master the Message. Learn more at www.onpoint-communications.com or contact Cindy at: info@onpoint-communications.com

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Cindy, you were immensely helpful in narrowing down the story part of our pitch. With your guidance, we were able to make a very complicated technical problem relatable to a mixed audience. We still can’t believe the first questions was, “it sounds too good to be true.” That is so much better than the feared, “I do understand what your product does.” Thank you for your professional help and support. RVC knew what they were doing bringing you in as a pitch coach.”

Samuel Thomas Elliott|Co-Founder, Tejon Technologies

“Cindy, I’m in your Career Thought Leaders Conference session right now and you’re absolutely delivering on what you promised when we first met! I’m so excited to keep making progress in developing my brand story.”

Mashaal Ahmed|DC Career Coach

“Cindy, BRAVO! The Colloquium was a splendid success. Thank you for your hard work. I’m very proud of how it turned out. Very truly yours, Bob Schaffer”

Principal, Liberty Common Schools

“Cindy, Your coaching was fantastic. You are so good at this. I have done a lot of this too, but I am in awe of your approach, the simplicity of your suggestions and your general professionalism. Thank you.”

Susan Strong, Director at SAGE Boulder

“Last year, I reached out to Cindy to help me with a sales deck I use frequently. I learned how to personalize my presentation in an authentic and informative way, making it more interesting to deliver and for my audience to observe!  Cindy was professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable and her suggestions were spot on.  If you want to enhance your communication skills, gain confidence in speaking, and improve overall delivery, I definitely recommend working with On Point!”

Nicole Steed, Global Account Manager | Helms Briscoe