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For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about all aspects of communication and message development. Whether I was watching a commercial, reading a news article, or dissecting nationally televised talks like the State of the Union, I have always looked at messages as intricate puzzles.

I take the message apart, look closely at each piece, inspect its persuasive function, and evaluate its effectiveness. “Do I need this part? How does this sentence fit amongst the others? How should it be phrased for maximum persuasive impact?” Every piece of a message – spoken or written – plays an important role.

In college, I’d work cheerfully in the dank, dark basement library into the early hours of the morning, analyzing speeches and identifying message strategies speakers used to persuade the audience.  In the depths of that old, empty library, I recognized and appreciated the beauty and power of persuasion. Developing messages that “Nail It” requires superb critical analysis. It is a skill set I continued to refine long after graduation; it is fundamental to the mission of On Point Communications, LLC.


While at global agencies, I worked alongside talented strategists, learning the process of brand messaging and development. At On Point, we provide strategic branding workshops to teams. Then we help the entire team implement that brand messaging into their communications both externally and internally.  We also coach executives on TED talks, keynotes, sales or investor pitches, media interviews and beyond.

My passion for coaching presentation skills was ignited during the years I spent at The University of Georgia where I taught undergraduate courses in public speaking, organizational and interpersonal communications. At OPC, we carefully analyze audiences, messages and speakers from all angles. We are active, intentional listeners. We are instinctual about how we coach you to become a better presenter. Your growth is our guarantee.

Developing strong storytelling skills became critical as I entered the field of public relations. Reporters respond best to messages that have been crafted with exceptional precision. To sell a news story, I had about 10 seconds to interest them in my pitch and keep them from slamming down the phone. Participating in an action-packed process that is constantly in motion – making the news – was exciting and enlightening.

Recently, I’ve seen the triumphs and challenges of entrepreneurialism first-hand.  My husband opened a small business in 2007, and over time, the clinic has grown to become a regional leader. I’ve developed an appreciation for others who embark on the entrepreneurial journey, and love coaching others who travel this often long, winding and lonely road. I also love engaging with teams and immersing myself therein to learn how the team can grow to become a well-oiled messaging machine together – as a unit. That’s how companies grow.

I’ve had a curiosity about puzzles since I was a child. I take the message apart, look closely at each piece, inspect its function, and consider why that piece fits where it does. Every piece of a message – spoken or written – has an important function. To me, messages are powerful puzzles. How can On Point be of service to your puzzle? Contact us today at info@onpoint-communications.com

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How can On Point be of service to your puzzle? Contact us today. After we carefully take it apart, we’ll piece it together with skill to achieve the perfect fit.

Cindy Skalicky is an expert public speaking coach, keynote speaker, brand consultant and the owner of On Point Communications, LLC. She coaches speakers and runs workshops on storytelling techniques, speech writing, delivery, and overall content development. Master the Message. Learn more at www.onpoint-communications.com or contact Cindy at info@onpoint-communications.com or call her at 970-290-4684

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“The On Point ‘Investor Pitch as Story’ online course was a great fit because of my heavy travel schedule. It gave me flexibility as a student to learn and connect with Cindy as necessary. The videos and homework helped me to prepare strong, compelling presentations for potential customers (coaches, directors, school districts) and becoming investor ready.”

Justin Fleming | CEO at MyPerforma

Tim Ash, Agent at The Group Real Estate

“Cindy, Your coaching was fantastic. You are so good at this. I have done a lot of this too, but I am in awe of your approach, the simplicity of your suggestions and your general professionalism. Thank you.”

Susan Strong, Director at SAGE Boulder

Cindy was selected to present at the Career Thought Leader Conference in Denver. I attended her session and was impressed with her presentation and content marketing expertise. I have been a trainer for over 20 years and her presentation added specific impactful strategies that I will include in my next training. Cindy has a natural engaging style that is persuasive and professional. I would highly recommend working with her if you are looking to increase your business presentations.

Beth Kennedy, Executive Coach

You are a wonderful presenter Cindy! I have taken so much from your presentation at the conference. I noticed when you speak, you at times lowered your volume in a way where we still heard you, but it PULLED the audience in, as if you were confiding in us.

Your vocal variety was lovely, (as well as your content, of course!). The advice to gather your stories from your past and weave them into your presentations is spot on.

Julie Roberts, Linked In profile writer|Coach