Revolving Door Rehearsal


Are you rehearsing a pitch? Fine-tuning a story? Don’t risk Failing It – get on that stage and Nail It. We’ll give the expert feedback you need.

We guarantee your message will improve.
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Who should attend a Revolving Door Rehearsal Event?
Our Revolving Door Rehearsal product is primarily for speakers who are:

1) Speaking soon and didn’t have time to get in-depth coaching, but still want to finesse it (great for investor pitches).

2) Fine-tuning a slide deck or script and want to run through it with an expert to determine if they should sign up for more.

3) Familiar with On Point but want to ‘dip their toe in’ to experience our coaching style and process before committing long-term (also ideal for startup founders and solopreneurs).

The August 9th session will be held at Innosphere, 320 E Vine Street in Fort Collins, in the 2nd floor Garage. You can also reserve a time slot and your appointment will be held via Zoom.

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Friday, August 9, 2019:











On Point Cancellation & Refund Policy:

We understand, life happens. If you need to reschedule your appointment, let Cindy know as soon as possible at If a refund is requested at least 24-hours before your scheduled appointment time, a full refund will be processed.  

If canceled within 24-hours of your appointment or in the event of a no-show, a $30 inconvenience fee will be assessed. We will refund the remaining balance.


Tim Ash, Agent at The Group Real Estate

When speaking at the CTL conference this spring, I had the privilege to sit in on Cindy’s Storytelling talk. Cindy has an impressive background, and a wonderful approach to helping you present more effectively. Telling a compelling story is crucial for effective presentations that connect with your audience, and Cindy can equip you to prepare and present in a structured, but seemingly unrehearsed way.

Kristin Sherry, Author|Speaker|Coach

“As a professional speaker, I know the value of getting feedback before giving an important speech. As I prepared my TEDx talk, Cindy was the perfect person to give me outside perspective. She did a beautiful job taking the many ideas I had floating around in my head and helping me select what to use, how to organize them, and how to tie it all together.

I love the way she coached, not trying to make her words my own, but instead, considering what I was trying to achieve and helping me stay true to my voice. If you have to stand and deliver a great talk, working with Cindy can help you ensure you’re at your best!”

Tanis Roeder, Elevate Your Communication

“Cindy, I’m in your Career Thought Leaders Conference session right now and you’re absolutely delivering on what you promised when we first met! I’m so excited to keep making progress in developing my brand story.”

Mashaal Ahmed|DC Career Coach

When you meet Cindy, you can’t help but feel engaged and pay attention. She clearly is an outstanding communications professional. The way she took the stage, conveyed her message and shared her approach to storytelling at the recent conference was mesmerizing.

Cindy made me rethink my approach to storytelling that I had used in my client work for many years. Cindy’s workshop alone made my trip to Denver worthwhile.

Ruth Winden, Executive Coach (UK)