Join us at Liberty Common High School this Saturday, March 5th from 9am-12pm for the First Annual Spring Colloquium! We’ve lined up 20 presentations on a wide variety of subjects including black holes, the Thirty Years’ War, the history of the color red, and I’ll be speaking on the art of storytelling at 11:15 a.m. Don’t miss it! See for location, speaker bios and talk summaries.

Cindy Skalicky, M.A.: The Ageless Art of Storytelling

LCHS parent and owner of On Point Communications, LLC, Cindy Skalicky will analyze the art and function of storytelling. Using one of her On Point coaching tools, she will demonstrate how you can maximize storytelling in your own life, no matter your age or stage. A well-told story can take your next business presentation or keynote speech to a new level. It can win a new client and add flavor to fundraising galas (it’s true!). Gearing up for college or job interviews? Need to shine at an academic job talk or tenure talk? Looking to present a strong case for that raise in your next performance review? Master your story, and you’ll master your message.