This is my 12-year old daughter on the left. I can’t stop looking at this photo, I just love it! I am going to actually put 1000 words to the “a picture’s worth 1000 words” phrase.

Cindy's daughter rafting with her friends

First, let’s just take it all in. The only thing touching the boat is her hands… maybe her shoes a bit. Otherwise, she is airborne. There’s this huge space, then my brother, his wife, and my kids are with the guide.

We can slice up this ‘pie’ and gather meaning for our own lives.


Slice #1 of 5: “Ride the Bull”

In rafting lingo, she’s “Riding the Bull” – or sitting on the front of the raft. At some point, she spoke up: “Me! I want to ride the bull!”

Where in your life are you ‘riding the bull?’

When we say yes to riding the bull, we say yes to risk. “Yes, I know it will be scary, I could fall off, get hurt, end up in icy water,” (or lose your beloved Cubs hat), but we go forward.

Courage. Bravery. #Leadership.

Others often give us space when taking a risk, but they’re there, cheering you on, hoping you’ll hold onto the ropes, even with your bum in the air.

Yes. I’ll start a business. Apply to pitch. Go for that job. Speak on that stage.

Your turn: When did you last “Ride the Bull?”

What lesson do you see here?

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