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Cindy Skalicky
Founder and Head Coach

How To Win Your Next Big Deal

Tangible Results. Persuasive Power. Proven Methods. We’ve Got You.

Cindy has helped clients raise millions in venture capital funding, secure next-level invitations to speak to global audiences, and win high-stakes deals from partnerships through M&A. A specialist in rhetorical theory, Cindy is an expert at assessing messages – and the speakers who deliver them – to determine their collective persuasive value.

She has presented to thousands of executives on a global level, teaching them how to apply and integrate her proven methods which are step-by step, easy to follow, and produce results fast.

A to Z Expert Speaker Training

When a message needs fine-tuning, you’re often too close-in to develop it well – so that it reaches its full “persuasive potential.”You need guidance to organize and deliver it for your audience so it lands with them “just right” – so you can achieve true mastery of that message, from start to finish.

We’re experts at bringing the outside perspective you need. With advanced training in persuasive theory (which we’ll teach you), experience at global agencies, and a track record of success – we stand at the ready to help you craft persuasive messages of all types with precision, excellence, passion, and skill so you can win that next big deal.

We offer services in-person or virtually, so no matter where you live or work, it’s easy to get the help you need.

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On Point helps you achieve the “I Nailed It!” Feeling

“Cindy, I want to thank you. You’ve had such a positive impact on me and our business. Not just through the messaging work we’re doing, but through the many ways you believed in our mission, and me as a person and leader. From the awesome executive summary I get compliments on every time I hand it out, to the pitch deck everyone tells me no longer needs editing, to the confidence I feel around investors and my team, your hands have been in all of that.

We are finalists in the Colorado Companies to Watch award. We’ve been invited to the Governor’s mansion. It’s stunning to me to look at all we’ve accomplished, and I see you at the center of all of it. Thank you.”

– Erica Feucht, CEO of Pit Liquor

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